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Sonia Choquette is een buitengewoon sensitief medium. Zij geeft persoonlijke, telefonische consulten in de engelse taal.

Hieronder vind je engelstalige informatie over haar reading, de prijzen en de contactinformatie.

Dear Client,

The question I receive most often in my practice is how can I change my life now? How can I most quickly heal my sorrows, get past my obstacles, connect to my purpose, feel joy once again, find my soul family, and get into the flow of peaceful living? To answer this question, I have written 14 books and though they serve as great guidance to these ends, my best skill and gift is to personally guide you and mentor you through a personal consultation.

In our time spent together, I will reveal your soul plan, your soul’s purpose, your soul lessons, and obstacles. Then we look at where you are today, and how to best align with your plan, overcome your blocks, and get into the grace and flow of spirit immediately. The result is a quick solution and return to peace.

Once you are shown how to align with your soul plan, you will be relieved of stress, wasted time, money, and misery of loathing and fear and return to your most authentic spirit and start to live and love as you want. My fee for an appointment is $400, which is a small investment for a life changing outcome. You can set up a phone appointment through my office at 773-989-1151.

I would love to be of assistance.



Readings are 30/60 minutes and range from $400/$800 in price. Readings are available over the phone and are on a limited basis.

Sonia is a teacher and guide and uses her intuitive abilities to help you identify your life's purpose and how to overcome obstacles that are in your way. She shows you your soul plan, including your soul history, deeply rooted negative patterns that you want to move away from, and your best possible strategy for a whole and satisfying life according to your soul intentions. Her work is pro-active and does not center on prediction, although it can be part of the process. Instead she uses her intuition to focus on assisting you in creating the life you really want. A personal reading is excellent for anyone wanting to create a more fulfilling life right away.


Consultations are also available for business professionals and owners who are in need of six sensory guidance to creatively avoid and/or resolve professional obstacles and maximize their business potential.

Fees begin at $1500 /hr

“Sonia has had a huge impact on our business by helping us to utilize our intuition as a critical building tool. Any company in the 21 st century needs to embrace the sixth sense, and Sonia is a wise, dynamic teacher who helps us to “trust our vibes’ even when others might disagree with the direction.
We’ve loved the results!”
Scott and Kim Holstein , Kim and Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels

“Sonia’s path is one of self-discovery, of spirit wed to heart and logic.”
Charlotte Beers, advertising CEO


All relationships, whether romantic, professional, or family have there own purpose and karma and offer a tremendous opportunity for soul growth if the goals on a soul level for being together are understood and pursued in the right spirit.

Sonia identifies each partner’s soul goals and true challenges and guides you together to the most direct and rewarding path to fulfilling these intentions successfully. She is particularly effective in relationship impasse and problem solving.

Couple Session $1500 for 90 minutes.

To schedule an appointment with Sonia, please call
Sonia's assistant at 773-989-1151.


Vertrouw je Gevoel
sleutels tot intuïtief leven,
zonder de regels van het ego

Het antwoord is eenvoudig
- de egokaarten

hoe je je ego plaats laat maken voor je ziel

Vraag je Gidsen
verbinding maken met je hemelse helpdesk

Het intuïtieve gezin
ontwikkel en koester het zesde zintuig van je kind, je gezin en jezelf